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The imaging interface allows you to attach images to Repair Orders, Supplier Invoices and Credit Memos.

sArea protected by security. (Attached images only)
wWeb interface only.

Scanning a Document

  1. Open the imaging interface.
  2. Click <Scan>. (Alt + A)
  3. Follow the prompts for your scanner to scan the document.
  4. Press the Refresh link.

Attaching a Document to a Repair Order

  1. Open a repair order or estimate.
  2. Click <Imaging>.
  3. Scan a document and press the Refresh link.
  4. Drag the image from the Scanned Documents window to the Attached Documents window.
  5. Click <Yes> on the attach dialog.

*Attaching a Document to a Supplier Invoice (When Receiving Items)

  1. Open the Receive Items window.
  2. Enter the appropriate information.
  3. Click <Receive>. (Alt + R)
  4. Scan a document and press the Refresh link.
  5. Drag the image from the Scanned Documents window to the Attached Documents window.
  6. Click <Yes> on the attach dialog.

Attaching a Document to a Supplier Invoice or Credit Memo (From Supplier History)

  1. Open a supplier.
  2. Select the History tab.
  3. Select an invoice or credit memo.
  4. Click <Open>. (Alt + O)
  5. Click <Imaging>. (Alt + I)
  6. Scan a document and press the Refresh link.
  7. Drag the image from the Scanned Documents window to the Attached Documents window.
  8. Click <Yes> on the attach dialog.

*Attaching a Document to a New Credit Memo

  1. Open a new credit memo.
  2. Enter the appropriate information.
  3. Click <Save>. (Alt + S)
  4. Scan a document and press the Refresh link.
  5. Drag the image from the Scanned Documents window to the Attached Documents window.
  6. Click <Yes> on the attach dialog.
*Promt Imaging option only.

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